The legend tells about a lion 

that fell in love with a monkey.

They had a child. It became the griffon 

with the look of a monkey 

and the courage of a lion.



The griffon are avaiable in two different coats and four colours. Its divided into three breeds.

GRIFFON BRUXELLOIS is rough and red.

GRIFFON BELGE is rough and in the colours black, black & tan and black & red mixed.

PETIT BRABANĮON is shorthaired and in the colours red, black and black & tan. 

The griffon is a robust dog in a small format. Sized as a cat. A grown dog loves to take a walk in the wood a few hours if itīs use to it. Are you sick a week it dont mind to stay in your bed. A griffon is happy so long it can be with itīs family. They are very social. You can not sit in the sofa far apart. Preferably the whole family should sit in one corner with the griffon in the middle.

In the beginning the breed was made for work in the stable as a rat and watch dog. They do guard your home but as soon they see who is coming they stop to bark. Just like other breeds itīs a question of training how much they bark. The griffon is very intelligent and easy to learn when it wants to do so. Therefore they learn both good and bad quickly. They are very stubborn. Griffons want to decide over everybody and everything they doesnīt understand how little they are. 

The griffon was a rathunter in the old days. When the breed was mixed with the pug and got the shorter nose and also the variety with shorter hair it became more of a companiondog. Now days they mostly hunt with their eyes - your neighbours cat and some earthworm. But they have a nose and know how to follow a track. 

The rough coated ones dosenīt shed hair but must be stripped two times a year. That means to pluck all hairs out with your fingers. Because of that the look changes during the year - sometimes the coat is shorter and sometimes longer. Important is to pluck the hairs in the corner of the eye so it dosenīt grow into the eye. Also the hair in the ears must be taken away regularly. You can goe to a professional groomer but itīs not so difficult to do it your self.

The smooth ones shed spring and autumn but have otherwise easy coat to take care of.

Every week the griffons coat should be combed and claws, teeth and eyes be looked after.

The griffon is rather healthy but we let the veterinarian examine their knees (patellas), eyes and hips. Although they have a short nose they almost only snore if they are fat.

Shortly you can say that the griffon is a perfect companion dog with a lot in itīs head and a wonderful look.